"The Greatest American Bible."

(The Official Bible of America)

Published by 1111 Press -- Distributed by Asterism Books

The Details

"Discovered your book at the Oxbow Hotel in Eau Claire. You succeeded in getting my wife to read the Bible (well, parts of it) for the very first time. We love it. Thank you."

Anonymous customer

“[Robertson’s illustrations] crackle and buzz with color. At first they make no sense at all, but the more you look at them and read the accompanying text, the more convincing they become. Verily, no one has ever seen the Bible as Robertson does.”

Pamela Espeland (MinnPost)

"LOVE gifting these—it shows I put thought into it and cherish talks at mealtime."

Sariah, 27, Minneapolis (stock quote from website builder)

"If you keep practicing, maybe you’ll get better - your paintings are only worth the bible verse (that inspired them).”

Anonymous critic from guestbook entry

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