In illustrating the Old Testament, did Sam Robertson succeed? And what would success even mean here, which metrics are we using? Yes, sure, it’s illustrated now. And yes he somehow convinced an acclaimed Avant Garde publisher to make it into an actual book with him, breathing a renewed life into the ancient text with the finest independent printer around.

But now, wading ever deeper into the haze of his own American Dream, what is this artist doomed to become?

That’s right, a salesman. Welcome to BIRTH OF A SALESMAN.

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Part autofiction, part performance art, part guerrilla sales docu-fantasy every bit as strange, humorous, and human as his paintings, BIRTH OF A SALESMAN follows painter turned salesman Sam Robertson from door to door, from ally to enemy, and from victory to crushing failure as his three goals come into focus: He needs to sell 100,000 copies of the Illustrated Old Testament, one of which to the Pope himself. And he needs to get the Vatican to buy all the original 257 paintings for one million dollars. He has no choice because his truck got stolen with all his tools in it so he can't be a tradesman anymore. 

And what methods of marketing will he try? To name a few, buying this very domain, making business cards, yard signs, distributing pamphlets at churches, and hopefully advertising at the one place everyone has to spend time at. That's right, the DMV. -- But it turns out that in real life all DMV ads have to get approved by an illusive company out in California that rents out all the monitors in exchange for all the ad revenue, so that might not actually happen which is pretty sad but we're taking it one day at a time :(  

Could Sam be dreaming too big, OR IS DREAMING TOO BIG THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE IT IN THIS COUNTRY? Well, I suppose you'll need to give the podcast a listen and find out for yourself. 

Much like how a whale does it, Sam is going to breach for the stars here, and if he misses, just maybe he'll land on the moon.

See you April 2, 2024 - anywhere you listen to podcasts

Acted by: Skyler Nowinski, Josh Ingersol, Colin Sinz, Siddeeqah Shabazz, Jack Gribble, Chelsie Newhard, Meghan Kreidler, Dustin Bronson, Jay Eisenberg, Shelby Richardson, JuCoby Johnson, Anna Weggel, Sofia Padilla, Sabrina Bottari, Sam Robertson, and Dan Dukich